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The El Reno Tribune-‘STEM’ming the gap from school to real world

The El Reno Tribune-STEM Center Opens Doors

ERPS Poster Presentations May 4, 2016

El Reno Research Class Students, Daniel Gassen, Ryleigh Davis, and Shayla Fuston presented their primary research in a poster presentation at BlueSTEM AgriLearning Center.  Grazinglands Research Laboratory-USDA scientists were present as ERPS educators and community stakeholders.

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We have secured funding to continue this program for the next four years.  We expect to have at lease ten students for the 2016-2017 school year.

 History on the Tall Grass Prairie Documentary Project May 19, 2016

The objectives of this project were for El Reno Public School (ERPS) students to create a short film documentary (5-10 minutes) about the research done at Grazinglands Research Laboratory or a historic interpretation of Historic Fort Reno.  Various film specialists mentored the ERPS students, teaching them how to perform research on, film, and edit a short film documentary.  Additionally, film specialists provided instruction and mini-workshops.


AgriScience Educator Workshop June 14, 2016

Educators learned how to enhance the science that is already present in agriculture, as well as inquiry based pedagogical practices that teach students to think independently as problem solvers.  This workshop provided a unique opportunity for teachers to get resources needed to implement science-based activities in the classroom.  We shared lesson plans, laboratory exercises, and teaching methods for agricultural sciences.

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STEM Weather Camp June 21, 2016

Students learned about relative humidity, weather safety, made a sling psychometer to take home, and learned about the Mesonet Station at Fort Reno and Grazinglands Research Laboratory

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Introduction to Prairie Streams and Oxbows Educator Professional Development June 23, 2016

Educators learned about the prairie, soils, stream ecology, runoff, and the natural history of Canadian County.

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Firefly Night at Fort Reno July 9,2016

We had a fun, family friendly science night at Fort Reno learning about the amazing world of fireflies.  Dr. Amanda Jones, a research hydrologist and entomologist shed light on the secret lives of these luminous beetles through fun games, such as a life cycle relay race and flashing lights game.  We learned about what makes a bug an insect and why they are important to our ecosystem.

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STEM Day Camp July 12, 2016

We had approximately sixty-five studends from Wesley Methodist Church’s Project Transformation.  Students experienced living history and reenactors.  They learned about those buried at Fort Reno’s Post Cemetery by doing a scavenger hunt of the graves.  Students toured the Fort Reno Visitor Center Museum and the U.S. Calvary Museum.  Groups of students then rotated through four STEM stations where they learned about relative humidity, buoyancy, food chains, and the life cycle of insects.

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Home on the Range Educator Professional Development July 14, 2016

Educators from across the state learned about the tall grass prairie ecosystem and our unique place within it.  Greg Scott from Oklahoma Conservation Commission took us on a field trip at Grazinglands Research Laboratory to learn about native prairie grasses and soil.  Pauline Hodges, a dust bowl survivor and educator, showed educators how to use cemeteries to teach various subjects.

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